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Tree Risk Audits

Minimise tree hazards with Victoria’s leading consulting Arborists

When it comes to safety, you don’t want to take shortcuts.

With trees there will always be a level of risk. But that risk can be managed.

It’s important that you feel confident you’ve handled potential liability and taken steps to prioritise the safety and health of your trees. At Melbourne Tree Care, we help you gain a higher level of accountability in tree management and feel at ease.

Create a safe environment with our Tree Risk Audit:

No tree goes unchecked

100% of your trees are analysed and reported on to reduce the potential liability from hazardous trees.

QTRA licensed & qualified Arborists

Our consulting arborists are all former climbing arborists. This experience allows us to manage the risk from tree failure to widely accepted risk thresholds.

Get a clear maintenance plan

Take a proactive not reactive stance to mitigating risk. Discover the best course of action for safe and healthy trees.

Our highly experienced arborists are certified and qualified by:

Ensuring the tree safety of commercial properties since 1995:

Clients who we have helped:

  • “We’ve been working with Melbourne Tree Care for a number of years now, and since we started the annual tree risk audit program, it has allowed us to understand the risks, carry out maintenance proactively and feel a lot more comfortable whenever there is a storm event”
    Michael – Senior Gardener Ormond College

    3 easy steps:

    Get a free site assessment

    Our initial assessment will discern the number of trees of your property, potential impact areas, and identify any obvious risks to be addressed immediately.

    Receive your risk audit report within 2 weeks

    Our highly trained consulting arborists visit your site and provide a written report and plan within 5 working days after their visit.

    Get your trees under control

    You’ll have peace of mind that you’ve done all that can be done to ensure the safety of your natural environment.

    Get experienced consulting arborists to mitigate your tree risks.