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Reduce Tree Risks to the Minimum

Expert tree management for commercial properties provided by Victoria’s leading consulting arborists

Create a Safe Environment

Stay on Top of Compliance

Healthy & Flourishing Trees

Trees are unpredictable

We don’t want to live without them… so we need to learn how to live with them.

The natural beauty of trees is what makes them so appealing, but also what makes them difficult to control.

As long as you have trees, you have a level of risk.

You need peace of mind that you’ve done everything in your power to mitigate this risk for the safety of people and property.

How Melbourne Tree Care helps you:

100% of Trees Fully Assessed and Reported

You’ll discover exactly which trees are of concern and a plan to manage them.

People and Property Protected

No longer carry any doubt that you’ve kept safety at the forefront.

Mitigate the Risks of Dying or Unsafe Trees

We can never completely control trees, but our expert arborists give you the best chance.

You need to be sure that your trees don’t pose any danger

At Melbourne Tree Care, we thoroughly assess and report on your trees according to our QTRA license standards. This means we can manage the risk from tree failure to widely accepted risk thresholds.

You will have highly experienced level 5-8 AQF arborists providing your report, giving you assurance that the best in the business are carefully reviewing your tree risk.

Clients who have had their tree risk managed:

  • “We’ve been working with Melbourne Tree Care for a number of years now, and since we started the annual tree risk audit program, it has allowed us to understand the risks, carry out maintenance proactively and feel a lot more comfortable whenever there is a storm event”
    Michael – Senior Gardener Ormond College.

    Ensuring the tree safety of commercial properties since 1995:

    3 easy steps:

    Get a free site assessment

    An initial consultation to understand your site and tree needs.

    Receive your audit risk within 2 weeks

    Our highly trained consulting arborists visit your site and provide a written report and plan within 5 working days after their visit.

    Get your trees under control

    Whether it’s pruning, removal, or a risk management report, we’ll get the works done efficiently.

    Who we can help:


    Aged Care Facilities

    Shopping Centres

    Holiday Resorts

    Caravan Parks

    Golf Courses

    New Suburb Developments

    And More…

    Certified and qualified by:

    What to expect with a Free Site Assessment

    On the phone we gather some initial information from you and then use our special online tools to:

    • Understand your site type and estimate of trees
    • Determine what kind of report may be required
    • Provide you with a quote