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Expert Tree Services

Tree Risk Audits

We assess the hazard and health of your trees according to our QTRA license standards. This means we can manage the risk from tree failure to widely accepted risk thresholds for your peace of mind.

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Arborist Reports

Our consulting arborists are experienced at providing reports for council applications, tree inventories, tree protection management plans, and more. We will advise you on exactly what kind of report you need

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Tree Pruning

Get expert pruning to tidy up your trees and improve their health. We only use qualified arborists who operate to Australian Standards AS 4373-2007. Services include: End-weight reduction, hazard reduction, removal of deadwood, and more.

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Tree Maintenance

We can provide and execute maintenance plans for safer and healthier trees. Storm damage and clean up, dynamic and steel cable bracing and fall arrest, and more.

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Tree Removal

Our highly trained staff and best quality equipment allow us to safely remove trees, even in confined or challenging locations. We also advise on council permits were necessary.

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Habitat Creation

We repurpose trees marked for removal by using carving techniques. This creates more habitats in Melbourne for various species in need of a home.

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Soil Health

Enhance tree health and longevity through soil testing and treatment. The most cost-effective and sustainable way to help trees thrive. We are the distributor for Nutri Tech Solutions’ products.

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Pest Management

Early and accurate action is essential in tree pest and disease management. Our expert arborists will optimise tree health through effective consulting and treatment.

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Get high-quality tree advice and services from experienced consulting arborists