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Get a Sonic Tomography Report

Detect and locate decay in your trees before it’s too late.

Like an MRI scan for your tree to ensure you have full visibility.

Sonic tomography is a technique to quantify decay and produce two or three-dimensional images of the internal wood structure for any above-ground tree trunk or limb.

While most techniques are either visual or have to be sent off for evaluation, sonic tomography is non-invasive and done on-site.

It’s like an MRI scan for your tree.

With a sonic tomography report you will be able to:

Detect the accurate condition of your tree

Get quantifiable evidence on possible decay that goes deeper than visual inspections.

Understand your tree risks

With a sonic tomography report you’ll have a comprehensive understanding how your tree structure is affected.

Make informed decisions & save trees

Many trees could have been retained with the right information but were condemned through visual inspection only.

Get a holistic view inside your trees

Our consulting arborists are certified and qualified by:

Helping commercial property owners manage tree risks since 1995:

Clients who we have helped:

  • “We’ve been working with Melbourne Tree Care for a number of years now, and since we started the annual tree risk audit program, it has allowed us to understand the risks, carry out maintenance proactively and feel a lot more comfortable whenever there is a storm event”
    Michael – Senior Gardener Ormond College

    Get a Sonic Tomography report and make informed decisions for your trees.