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Tree Health

Beneficial mycorrhizae fungiUrban and landscaped soils can be tough growing conditions for trees and soil treatment can be the most inexpensive and effective way of enhancing tree health.
Using the principals developed through research in sustainable agriculture we test and treat contaminated, nutrient deficient and sterile soils to improve tree health and longevity. Our treatments:

  • Help trees tolerate and recover from water deficits and stress
  • Greatly improves nutrient uptake by tree roots
  • Improves cell wall strength in plants. Stronger cells are better at fighting off disease, pests and environmental stresses
  • Improves nitrogen fixation for chlorophyll production in photosynthesis
  • Provides rapid humus production – Humus is the fully decomposed organic matter that is readily available for plant use
  • Are certified for organic gardens by Biological Farmers Australia
  • Fungi filter pollution in contaminated soils
  • Provide lasting benefits as it ‘grows with the soil’

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