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Swift Parrots breeding in artificial nest hollows

As featured on abc’s “The World Today” program. Listen below.

Save the Swift Parrot

Melbourne Tree Care arborists are helping to save the Swift Parrot by carving nesting hollows.  Our team donated their time and chainsaw skills to work on the Swift Parrot Project with Dr. Dian Stojanovic of the Australian National University.  We contacted other arborists through the Victorian Tree Industry Organisation and organised a co-ordinated response to habitat loss from illegal firewood collecting.  We carved 62 hollows into tree limbs and installed over 100 wooden nest boxes.  Within a few days the parrots had started using our hollows.  Dr Stojanovic will monitor the hollows over this breeding season to compare the take-up rate with natural hollows.  The ABC 7.30 program have followed our progress throughout the project

Habitat Creation


Urban Habitat Project – Melbourne Tree Care from Melbourne Tree Care on Vimeo.

Habitat creation

  • Habitat trees are mature old trees which provide homes for numerous inhabitants. Old growth trees are regarded by scientific literature as being around 150 years old. The lack of these old hollow trees around Melbourne makes it difficult for these species to find their home.
  • We have techniques for carving hollows into tree trunks to mimic natural hollowing process. A tree that is marked for removal can sometimes be cut back to a safe level and then carved out to retain some environmental benefit.
  • Interested to know more? We have more information coming soon – stay tuned!