Tree Services in Melbourne - Pruning, Tree Cutting And RemovalMelbourne Tree Care

What We Do

Tree Care

Ormond bucket Services include:

  • Pruning
  • End-weight reduction pruning
  • Removal of deadwood
  • Dynamic and steel cable bracing and fall arrest
  • Tree cutting services
  • Tree removal
  • Hazard reduction pruning
  • Elm Leaf Beetle treatment
  • Pest and Disease management
  • Habitat Creation
  • Visual Tree Assessment
  • PICUS© Sonic Tomograph
  • Storm damage / Clean up
  • Soil test analysis / Agronomist Report and Restoration


Risk Management

Failure The safety and well being for customers and staff in a working environment is our prime concern. We provide hazard assessments & safety reports. When tree failure does occur we provide our commercial clients with a rapid-response emergency call out service.

  • Disaster Mitigation
  • Tripping & Falling Hazards
  • Power Line Clearance
  • Footpath Clearance


Tree Reporting and Assessment

tree removal Melbourne
Free tree consulting service
We offer a free consulting service prior to commissioning any reports:

  • Meet you on site
  • Carry out a basic Visual Tree Assessment
  • Advise you on what reporting option would best suit your needs

There may be no report needed. We use our experience of where council approve or reject tree permits under their planning controls to advise the likely outcome. Trees could:

  •  Be exempt from planning permits.
  •  Have common tree faults can justify a tree removal permit.
  •  Cause complaints that do not result in tree permit approval.

There is no charge for our preliminary assessment service.

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Tree Removal

Removal Tree removal requires a high level of skill and well maintained equipment and machinery.

Our staff are trained to the highest standards and we purchase only the best quality equipment to complete our work.

Our latest purchase in tree removal equipment is the GRCS (Good Rigging Control System), which provides the ultimate control when bring large pieces of timber safely to the ground.

We follow the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) ‘Best Practice for Rigging’ guidelines and use our collective experience to remove trees safely in even the most confined spaces.


Habitat Creation

Habitat creation

  • Habitat trees are mature old trees which provide homes for numerous inhabitants. Old growth trees are regarded by scientific literature as being around 150 years old. The lack of these old hollow trees around Melbourne makes it difficult for these species to find their home.
  • We have techniques for carving hollows into tree trunks to mimic natural hollowing process. A tree that is marked for removal can sometimes be cut back to a safe level and then carved out to retain some environmental benefit.
  • Interested to know more? We have more information coming soon – stay tuned!



Soil Restoration

Beneficial mycorrhizae fungiUrban and landscaped soils can be tough growing conditions for trees and soil treatment can be the most inexpensive and effective way of enhancing tree health.
Using the principals developed through research in sustainable agriculture we test and treat contaminated, nutrient deficient and sterile soils to improve tree health and longevity. Our treatments:

  • Help trees tolerate and recover from water deficits and stress
  • Greatly improves nutrient uptake by tree roots
  • Improves cell wall strength in plants. Stronger cells are better at fighting off disease, pests and environmental stresses
  • Improves nitrogen fixation for chlorophyll production in photosynthesis
  • Provides rapid humus production – Humus is the fully decomposed organic matter that is readily available for plant use
  • Are certified for organic gardens by Biological Farmers Australia
  • Fungi filter pollution in contaminated soils
  • Provide lasting benefits as it ‘grows with the soil’

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