Our Commitment as Responsible Tree Experts in MelbourneMelbourne Tree Care

Our Commitment

Melbourne Tree Care believes that our first aim is to maintain healthy trees that provide stakeholders with the physical, psychological and environmental benefits of living around trees. We use our expertise in tree physiology to save and repair trees that have suffered damage or exhibit common health problems. Our tree health team use cutting edge practices developed through our understanding of forest ecology to rebuild soil structure and biology and address mineral imbalances.

We are committed to consistently improving our own work practices to minimise our environmental impact. Some of our initiatives include:

  • All our office energy consumption is from 100% renewable sources
  • We use roof top solar panels for both office and workshop areas
  • Truck and equipment fuel costs are fully offset with GreenFleet carbon credits
  • The carbon dioxide footprint of our machinery is always fully balanced with reforestation programs of biodiverse Australian trees
  • We are currently implementing environmental management systems for ISO 14000 certification
  • We run local community based workshops where we demonstrate techniques for carving artificial tree hollows for habitat creation
  • Our tree experts in Melbourne are trained to identify environmental weed species as part of our long term client service advice.

To appreciate how we can help you maintain an environment of appropriate and beneficial trees on your property, please contact our experienced specialist team now.