Commercial Tree Removal Services By Melbourne Tree Care

Common Tree Hazards on Commercial Sites

The following are common problems we come across when it comes to commercial tree removal:

  • Obscured security lighting
  • Obscured security camera line of sight
  • Trees that are most likely to fail in extreme weather conditions
  • Tree stumps and roots as tripping hazards
  • Pests and diseases that cause the decline of valuable tree assets
  • Problems with soil compaction
  • Trees that are in decline so that a replacement landscape program can be designed and then transitioned without leaving a site bare.
  • Environmental weed species that can self propagate and create more long term maintenance costs
  • Detect fungal decay and borer infestations in living trees


Our approach means we can:

  • Identify likely problem trees and take action before failed trees close off areas of your site
  • Reduce complaints about trees causing obstructions saving you time and money
  • Reduce liabilities associated with tree management and make the site safer
  • Recommend long term maintenance programs that take the ‘guess-work’ out of tree asset management
  • Improve the amenity value of trees to add rather than detract from a property
  • Recommend more appropriate trees for future planting programs that will add better value to the property while reducing ongoing maintenance costs

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